Palmyra, Syria, Summer 2010

Palmyra, Syria, Summer 2010

Hallo! My name is Zenobia, but most people forget the last bit and stick to Zen. I am a third year PhD student from Holland, based in England / Germany, and frequently found elsewhere too.

I had a blog on which I posted photos for my mum for a bit when I left home at 18 (hi mum!). Then I made friends, and switched to Facebook. Ha. Facebook is a very silly place to record a narrative of your adventures. So back to the blog! While I continue to keep my family in the loop on life abroad (hi dad! hi sister!), I might also share student travel tips, stories about un-explored or under-appreciated places – and especially the history of these places. I am a trained historian and archaeologist, which means I have spent a significant amount of time in museums but no one will pay me to actually work in them (yet).

If you would like to hire me as your walking and talking history book, or offline equivalent of Wikipedia, do not hesitate to get in touch. I have two (and a bit) university degrees and significant experience wandering around the world (30 countries and counting). I have had training in humanitarian affairs, and recording endangered languages, plus, it is hard to scam me (in fact most people do not even try any more). I would be happy to discuss possibilities for seminars or trips abroad for your university Classics society, or local History society. Also, if you are Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide, any other travel guide, or an archaeologist – do contact me about job opportunities.

zententia at gmail dot com

Castelo dos Mouros, Portugal, spring 2014




Hi Zen,

I came across your blog and was impressed with the quality content that you promote.

I am interested to know if you do accept guest post for your blog? I am willing to pay $60 for it. In the article I am planning to include my client’s link which is also travel related. I can ensure that it will still be related to your blog, you can review or give me topic if you want.

Regardless, thanks for creating such a quality blog.



Hello ,

Hope this is the best way to reach you.

I’m interested in advertising on your website and wanted to get in touch about your rates and if you do any other forms of advertisements?

Looking forward to your response!

Many thanks,

Sarah Meyer
Media Consultant


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